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If you

  • Have no hot water
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  • Have a leaking cylinder
  • Want a new water heater system install
  • Want repairs on your old, broken system
  • Have other water heater system problems

CALL US NOW. We offer a 24 hour callout service for all those emergency jobs. Call our office number 0800 287 586 anytime to speak to a plumber who can help you.

If you are looking to upgrade your hot water cylinder, we also offer a service of moving it from low pressure to a mains pressure cylinder. Call our team to learn more about cylinder upgrades.

Do you want to have a more energy efficient hot water system installed? Call us and speak to a member of our team for professional advice on Heat Pump and Solar options and start saving now on your electrical bills. BT Plumbing & Gas are experts in water heaters.


Our team of Hot Water Specialists are experienced with all brands of hot water cylinders. We can help to correctly size the cylinder to suit your usage. If cupboard space is an issue then we can look at installing a cylinder suitable for outside installation. For more information on some of the brands of water heating systems we recommend click on these links:



We are all able to be seriously injured from burns received from high water temperatures. Children and the elderly have very sensitive skin and therefore they are particularly susceptible to scalding from these high temperatures.
The thermostats in old hot water cylinders can fail, allowing the water in your cylinder to potentially reach boiling point. However, there are affordable safety valves on the market to protect against these high temperatures and keep your family and friends safe from nasty burns. With a tempering valve installed in your hot water system you can protect your household from these dangers.

A tempering valve mixes cold water with the hot water from the cylinder cooling it to a safe temperature for delivery to your shower and other sanitary fixtures.

The other way this valve protects your household is it allows the water in your cylinder to reach 60°C every day which is important as the dangerous bacteria that cause legionnaires disease can’t grow at that temperature. For this reason, controlling your water temperature by simply turning down the thermostat on the cylinder is not a safe thing to do.


Does your Hot Water Cylinder need replacing?

At BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd our team of hot water specialists can help you choose the water heater that suits your home and lifestyle.

Teenagers using up all the hot water before you get in the shower?… maybe you need a bigger cylinder.

Tight on space for bulky water systems?… maybe you can install a tank-less water heater system

Power bills getting on top of you?… maybe you need to look at energy efficient water heaters. Get one of our plumbers around to ensure you are getting the most out of your system and to explain the options available to you. Speak to the professionals before making your decision.


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