Blaze Stop – Home fire sprinkler system

BLAZESTOP is an affordable sprinkler system linked to a domestic water supply, putting the reassurance of sprinkler protection within reach of private home owners. Designed especially for the home environment, BLAZESTOP uses sprinkler heads concealed in the ceiling. Flexible, concealed piping makes retrofitting into homes easy and cost-effective. Made from durable polybutylene, it isn’t affected by scaling, corrosion, or microbiological growth and doesn’t transmit noise.

Fresh Flow – Wastewater system

FRESHFLOW is a totally new space-saving design to discharge wastewater hygienically without any odour and contamination from the wastewater system. FRESHFLOW combines the advanced HepvO self-sealing waterless waste valve with easy-to-install flexible HepFlex Waste piping. This innovative system replaces space-hungry S or P traps with a hygienic valve that provides an effective and reliable barrier against sewer gases escaping into a building. As well as its space-saving advantages, FRESHFLOW leaves no standing water which can stagnate and lead to bacterial or fungal growth.

Solar Genius – Evacuated tube solar water heating system

SOLARGENIUS water heating systems offer homeowners a range of ways to harness clean, free solar energy to heat water quickly and effectively, even on cloudy days. Evacuated tubes have a vacuum that acts as a super-efficient heat trap. Heat pipes located within the evacuated tubes then conduct the heat trapped within the tube up to the header to heat water. SOLARGENIUS options include a roof top tank with solar collectors attached, flat-plate collectors or evacuated tubes linked to your water heating tank or an innovative heat pump that harnesses solar energy to heat your water. SOLARGENIUS systems are lightweight.

Mani Flow – Manifold plumbing system

MANIFLOW saves energy and conserved water by having a dedicated pipeline from a manifold near the hot water cylinder to each tap or fixture in the house. Hot water goes straight where it’s needed without sitting round cooling in the big ‘feeder’ pipes needed to serve multiple outlets. Less energy and water is wasted as hot water arrives faster at the tap. Flexible and non metallic pipes result in a quiet and efficient plumbing system that doesn’t suffer corrosion, scaling or microbiological build up.

HEP2O – Flexible push-fit plumbing system

HEP2O from LEAP: ADVANCED WATER SYSTEMS has evolved over 20 years to become the leading flexible push-fit plumbing system for hot and cold water. Flexible polybutylene in conjunction with straight coils enables the pipe to be cabled into position, meaning fewer joints and minimized installation and alteration costs. The HEP2O fitting incorporates the high integrity grab wedge and robust pre-lubricated ‘O’ ring, offering the installer smoother pipe insertion and lower jointing forces. The grab wedge is reusable and gives reliable jointing even when the fitting has been dismantled and reassembled.

Therma Genius – Heat pump water heating systems

THERMAGENIUS Hot Water Heat Pumps extract renewable energy stored in the ground or in the air to heat water. THERMAGENIUS is not dependant on weather and operates throughout the year even during long winter nights. With efficiencies in excess of 300%, payback on a THERMAGENIUS can be as low as 3 years.

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