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Cold shower? No hot water? Not enough hot water? Water heater leaking?

Consider a Rheem Electric Hot Water System!

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Don’t put up with having cold showers.

No matter where you’re based in Auckland, we can get a friendly repair/replacement Specialist to you. At BT Plumbing, we have been repairing or replacing water heaters in the greater Auckland area for years. We are the water heater specialists, there is no job that we haven’t seen, so phone us today for a prompt professional service.

BT Plumbing & Gas’s amazing Deals

  • Deal of the moment: Upgrade to a new Mains Pressure hot water cylinder: If you keep the same position as the old one we can supply and install 180ltr Mains Pressure cylinder from $2400+ GST
  • INCLUDES FREE VALVE PACK WORTH $360.00 *not including electrician
  • *We believe if you’re getting a new cylinder you should also replace the valves

*conditions apply

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We have the right Rheem for you

If your existing hot water system is beyond repair or if you’re looking to upgrade, Rheem have a hot water solution right for you!
Rheem has the most extensive range of hot water heaters available in New Zealand including high efficiency gas storage and continuous flow gas, electric and solar hot water systems. Talk to us now for specialist advice on a variety of Rheem hot water cylinders & systems.

Choose the right Rheem for your hot water needs

It’s important to choose the right hot water system to meet your needs both now and as your household needs change.
When considering your options think about your hot water usage patterns like the number of people using hot water from different outlets at the same time, and whether you are likely to use more hot water at certain times of the day.

Your hot water needs will also depend on the water conditions, climate and water pressure in your area.

When it comes to hot water heating for your home you can’t go past a Rheem hot water heater. Rheem have been designing and building hot water systems in Auckland since the late 60’s and are the undisputed market leaders and have a reputation of providing top quality hot water heaters that are ideally suited to the New Zealand conditions.

If you choose a Rheems hot water heater you will receive value for money, reliability and a water heater that is built to last.

Rheem should be the choice for you!

Rheem hot water heaters are available in a huge range of models and sizes so there is sure to be one to suit your home or office, no matter what fuel sources are available to you or the size of your property. It’s no wonder they are known as the number one choice of New Zealanders for hot water.

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Mains Pressure Electric Water Heaters (VE)

Designed to perform under New Zealand conditions.
Manufactured in New Zealand to New Zealand’s energy standards.
Capable of delivering more than 40 litres a minute, enough to meet the needs of most homes
High quality insulation saving energy and ultimately saving you money.
Designed to a maximum of 1000 kPa water pressure.
Suitable for unequal pressure and low pressure uses.

Optima Mains Pressure Water Heaters

  • Can be installed indoor and outdoor.
  • Capable of delivering more than 40 litres a minute, enough to meet the needs of most homes.
  • Long life with a 10 year warranty on the Optima cylinder.
  • Sizes from 180 to 400 litres.
  • Adjustable thermostat to provide control of water temperatures.
  • 300 and 400 litre cylinders are fitted with twin heating elements, giving you hot water boosting when needed.

Stainless Steel Mains Pressure Water Heaters

  • Manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.
  • Made from high quality Stainless Steel.
  • Indoor and outdoor models available.
  • Can be used with a secondary heat source – one that may exceed temperature limits of vitreous enamel cylinders.
  • Can be connected to a range of Heat Pump and Solar technologies including direct/indirect or top down external heat sources.
  • 135L model is not Heat Pump/Solar compatible

Low Pressure Vitreous Enamel

  • Rheem Low Pressure Vitreous Enamel cylinders offer benefits for plumbers, home owners.
  • Vitreous enamel technology can be used in a wider range of water conditions.
  • Can be used in areas where copper or stainless steel could be problematic.
  • Can upgrade your existing low pressure system to “Heavy Head” 120kPa for better shower pressure.
  • Three inlets to choose from: left, bottom and right hand sides.

Low Pressure Copper

  • Pre-wired to New Zealand building code requirements.
  • Three inlets to choose from: left, bottom and right hand sides.
  • Maximum of 76kPa.
  • Heavy head 120kPa models are also available.

Recent Rheem Hot Water Heater Repairs | Rheem Hot Water Tank Replacement Work

BT Plumbing & Gas are the premier Rheem hot water cylinder & systems plumber in Auckland. We have a team of specialised Rheem hot water heater plumbers. We are regularly called out to homes and businesses across the greater Auckland area to either repair a Rheem hot water heater and/or fully replace the existing water tank be it Rheems, HJ Coopers, Dux, Rinnai, Rudd, Paloma, Triumph and Vulcan Freeloader.

At BT Plumbing & Gas our mission is to ensure you have hot water ASAP.



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